Couple Does “Newborn” Photo-Shoot of Rescue Dog


Professional wedding photographers Jan and Chase Renegar don’t have a newborn, but that hasn’t stopped them from having photos taken of their “baby.”  The couple did a tongue-in-cheek photo shoot of their precious little rescue dog, Snuggles, and these pictures are better than some of the ones you’ll see of human babies!


The Renegars’ friend Jamie Clauss, also a photographer, specializes in family and newborn portraits with Count It Joy Photography. Jan had been admiring a recent photo shoot of her pal’s, and commented that someday she’d love to do that, but she and Chase don’t have any kids yet.


“She jokingly said, ‘we should just use Snuggles’ and then we just laughed about it for a while and then she’s like ‘no, we really should’ and I’m like ‘okay let’s do it!’”


“It was very hard to keep my composure and not wake Snuggles up,” Jamie explained.  “She was so comfortable and snoring and I’m standing over her on the bed and trying not to laugh out loud and wake her up.”


They decided to do all the cliché poses with them fawning over their six-year-old bundle of joy.


“They’re overdone and sometimes that’s okay,” Jamie said, “because people see them and then they want them, and that’s okay. They want their baby to be in it.”


To many, dogs are their babies, so why not?  The photos have gone viral, and opinions run the gamut.


“Everything from, ‘yes, you’re right, dogs are better than babies,’ to ‘this is terrible you should never do this to your dog,’” Jamie said.  “I never thought it would become this worldwide phenomenon… I’m just kinda riding this wave right now.”


While she typically only takes photos of human babies, Jamie says she wouldn’t turn down any “baby-dog” portrait requests.

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