Dog Gets 35 Pounds Of Fur Cut Off After Being Locked In A Barn For Who Knows How Long

Some people noticed that the terminally ill neighbor’s dog was being neglected and asked a couple of groomers to help out. There was so much dirt and feces blocking the door of the barn stall where Lazarus was kept, it had to be shoveled out of the way before they could do anything.

Trapped in filth and his overgrown coat, Lazarus was in desperate need of help.

After finally being freed from the stall, the groomers started chopping off the excess fur–all 35 pounds of it.

Lazarus was very hesitant at first but seemed to calm down as he realized it was making him feel better.

Without all of that weight holding him down, everything seemed new. Even walking…

Being petted and feeling the love of a human’s touch was new to him, too. But he warmed up to the groomers with the help of some treats.

Lazarus was taken in by Big Fluffy Dog Rescue where he will be fostered until they feel he’s ready for a forever home. For now, he’s trying to become accustomed to his new life…

He was even hesitant when approaching a grilled steak but quickly realized it was a yummy treat. 🙂

Lazarus Steak

Sweet surprise for my sweet Lazarus. Steak dinners are only the start handsome boy.I know the steak wasn't cut. I do have other pups (lots!) who use the yard, and since Laz wouldn't take smaller pieces from me, I couldn't risk any pieces being left in the yard. He didn't mind one bit about chewing it a bit more, promise.#fortheloveoflaz

Posted by Amanda Brooke Charsha-Lindsey on Monday, September 5, 2016

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