Dog Seriously Injured in Boat Propellor Accident Returns to Thank Donors for Saving His Life

We had a very special guest at the center this morning. About a year ago, a family who had suffered tremendous loss after losing their father and having their mother fall ill, spent a weekend at a friend’s lake house. There was a terrible boating accident and their beloved dog Ollie, was critically injured by the boat’s propeller.

The emergency vet bills exceeded $10,000. Losing this beloved family member was not an option. The troops rallied and many people shared the news that this family needed help. Through many caring strangers, the vet bills were paid and Ollie made a miraculous recovery.

Today, we met Ollie in person as his human stopped by the center to thank all who cared and to pay it forward by making a donation to DDB. Our puppy Rhes was especially enamored with Ollie. He took him on a short walk to show him around the room! Enjoy!

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