The dog that thinks she’s a mountain goat


Looking at these amazing pictures, you might be forgiven for thinking this animal is part dog, part mountain goat. In fact Lexi is a Boarder Collie-Labrador cross who was adopted from a rescue home four years ago.
Her amazing climbing skills are thanks to her loving owner, Katerina Jansen, who has trained her to balance on almost anything she comes across.


Lexi’s ability to balance on almost anything also extends to concrete pillars, bike racks and a toilet seat

From fire hydrants to basketball hoops, it seems that nothing is beyond her abilities.
Her repertoire doesn’t stop there either, as she can also run, hop and jump her away across fences, down balustrades and between concrete pillars.


As well as balancing, Lexi has been taught to navigate a range of obstacles. Here she deftly tackles a stack of hay bales, leaping across them and off the other side


Lexi’s repertoire of tricks even extends to climbing ladders, as she demonstrates here


Online some have compared Lexi to a mountain goat, and as she leaps from rock to rock it is easy to see why
Lexi was rescued from the Scottish SPCA in 2009 when she was severely underweight, had behavior issues and hair missing around her neck.
The ten-month-old dog had a hard start but since then has found fame online thanks to her amazing tricks.
Boarder Collies are otherwise known as sheep dogs and are bred for their intelligence, energy, obedience and ability to learn a range of commands quickly.


While Lexi’s balance is perfect, she may need to improve her riding skills as she’s facing the wrong way
They are often used in films and advertising because they are friendly and easy to control.
Labradors are more laid back than Collies but are equally intelligent and responsive to training, so it is easy to see how Lexi picked up on all of her tricks.
Jansen told Storyful: ‘She loves to balance on anything and loves to jump into her owner’s arms from the ground or high up.’
Jansen also has another dog, Lizzy, a Poodle who has also been taught an impressive array of tricks from balancing along a beam to jumping over other animals.

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