Dogs Join in Social Media Campaign to Find Stolen Rescue Mutt

A Canadian animal rescue organisation in Toronto, is urging pet owners to spread the word following the theft of a dog called Toby, who was stolen on the way to his new foster home. Team Dog Rescue shared the sad news about Toby on June 16, explaining how the small Shih Tzu mix was stolen by someone who claimed to be the person meant to be picking the dog up, but who turned out to be a complete stranger. “This could all be a misunderstanding. Maybe this individual was there for another transport organization for another dog,” wrote the rescue. Toby is an elderly dog, who needs veterinary treatment, the rescue team said. Local police were contacted about the dog theft, and the case is ongoing at the time of writing. The reward for Toby’s safe return stood at $3,500 at the time of writing. Dog owners have joined in on the search for Toby by using hashtag #ReturnToby, and sharing it online along with photos of their pet dogs. Credit: Team Dog Rescue via Storyful

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