What They Found In A Garbage Bag Stunned Them. I Still Can’t Believe It.

This story is gut-wrenching for dog lovers (and pretty much anyone with a soul). In Italy, a woman enjoying a pleasant walk with her friend was shocked when she heard the sound of something whimpering near the piles of garbage. After investigation, she made a truly horrific and heartbreaking discovery.

Messina, the third largest city in Italy, looks picture perfect for a nice stroll.


But this picture isn’t pretty at all.


The dog was found not only abandoned, but with legs tied up, placed in a garbage bag and thrown out like he was another piece of trash.


The woman, Emilia Lucchese, immediately released him from the bag and gave him water.


Who could do this to an adorable pup?


The distressed animal was immediately taken to a veterinarian and now happily resides with his rescuer, now going by the name Oliviero. Police are currently investigating in search of those responsible for this terrible case of animal abuse.

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  • Oh my god!!! That poor baby! I hope he is living a pampered life. He deserves it. I would love to see after pictures.

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