Someone Abandoned This Pit Bull By A ‘No Dogs’ Sign With The Saddest Note Ever

There are few images more saddening than seeing a lonely animal languish in a kennel, and this is one of them.

Walkers along the trail in Folly Beach, South Carolina, do not see many dogs on their hike, primarily because local law forbids them. Signs declaring “No dogs allowed” line the trail, making sure visitors are well aware.

However, a forlorn Pit Bull mix was recently found tied to one of the signposts. Its previous owner had abandoned the animal, leaving it with nothing but a short leash and a heartbreaking note.

“Hello! I’m Zanny! My owners could not keep me. I’m very friendly. I DON’T bite and I just need a home,” the note read.

According to the Dodo, Folly Beach locals Tanya Niketas and her son, Phin, saw the dog on their way to the seashore. The dog seemed tame, but it was in desperate need of support. Niketas phoned a local animal rescue operation for help.

“He had no water,” Niketas posted to Facebook, “only the roll of tape they used to put up the ‘He needs a new home’ sign.”

Niketas and her son learned more about the black and white Pit Bull as they waited for rescuers from Pet Helpers to arrive, most notably his kind heart and disposition.

“He’s such a beautiful, cool dog and is SOOOOOO sweet,” Niketas wrote. “[He] was super gentle with Phin, sat for us like a good boy, and has the whitest teeth I’ve ever seen!”

The Pet Helpers staff gave Zanny a new name, “Folly,” took care of a brach on his stomach, and gave him a clean bill of health.

“Folly is a muscular boy whose tails wags nonstop,” Carrie Browning-Perez of Pet Helpers told The Dodo. “It’s obvious he didn’t miss many meals.”

While Folly was in relatively good shape, high temperatures can spell disastrous, even for healthy animals. Had he been left alone for much longer, this story could have ended up even sadder.

“It was extremely hot on the day he was abandoned,” Browning-Perez said. “Just a matter of another hour or so could have greatly changed the outcome.”

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