Stray dog with 4 pound mass on neck gets life-saving surgery

Full Story:

For at least 6 months, Agnes, a 7 year old mixed-breed dog was living on the streets. Villagers in Karditsa, Greece have seen her for those 6 months: some have fed her, others have tried scaring her, chasing her away with sticks and firing guns. What everyone remembers most about Agnes was the large mass hanging from her neck. In fact, it was so large that it pulled her head down and made her ear hang at an abnormal angle. Likely, she was in constant pain.

Finally, someone from the village called Greek Animal Rescue (GAR) in hopes of saving her. Ermioni and her team of rescuers went out at night and found Agnes. At first, Agnes was shy – wary of the rescuers. But when their intentions were clear, Agnes welcomed the help.

She was taken to a local veterinarian where she was immediately treated. They discovered multiple gun shot wounds and additional tumors in her breasts. But the most important surgery for now would be the removal of the 4 lb tumor.

When the tumor was removed, Agnes was able to lift her head and her ears immediately went back to their normal position.

Within an additional three months and further surgeries, Agnes had recovered fully. The mass that had once weighed her down was gone.

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