The Top 10 Dog Names of 2014

Trying to think of a name for your newest family member? compiled their database of over 100,000 registered dogs to give us the Top Dog Names of 2014. Choose one of these, or avoid them for something unique.
#1 – Bella
We are not sure if this because Twilight is still very popular, or people just like the name, but Bella has been on top when it comes to dog names for a few years now. Meaning “beautiful” in Italian, it is a good name for your best friend.


#2 – Max
It’s short, easy to say, and just seems to fit a dog. Max is another name that has been used in doggydom for years.


#3 – Buddy
As long as there has been a dog as a pet, there has been a “Buddy.” It seems a natural name to call your best friend.


#4 – Lucy
Although considered an old-fashioned name for people, this name has become increasingly popular for dogs. It just seems to fit a cute little yorkie or friendly lab.


#5 – Daisy
Another name you don’t hear people naming their kids much anymore, Daisy is a youthful, happy name. It’s perfect for the social butterfly type that is just happy about life.


#6 – Molly
A classic name that can fit pretty much anyone. Cute and short (something all of these names have in common), it’s a good name for any dog.


#7 – Bailey
Bailey has become increasing popular for both male and female dogs. Many people name their blond dog’s Bailey after the Irish Cream.

#8 – Maggie
Maggie, short for the human name Margaret, is an “old soul” name. These are the dogs that are sweet and quiet, and good “nanny dogs.”


#9 – Charlie
Charlie is a “good ‘ol boy.” He’s the dog you take hunting, defends the home, and plays with the kids. It’s the perfect name for the all-American dog.


#10 – Sadie
Very popular the last several years, the name Sadie is starting to taper to off. It’s still a good choice though, if you are looking for a girlie name that isn’t “too sweet.” Sadie’s have a bit of spunk in them.


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